The interest-based economy is Injurious to its health

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The world economy is hovering around the pivot of the interest-oriented financial economy, for centuries.

Is the interest base economy really dangerous to its health?

It’s an observation whenever any equation being imbalanced, the entire structure is going to be demolished; either we had developed the social structure with life scarification.

Theory of Nature:-

The system we have been provided by Nature went through with a unique system like the Solar system. We see in our routine life such as happening of a day & night, Rain, Winds, Water, Fire No one can challenge the system of nature.

Nature doesn’t give the sphering day overnight, Winter over Summer, Spring over Autumn.

No one has the strength to bring justice with the intention of change the system, the order of Almighty, the great Allah will have to be enforced.

A truth which is understood!

Do we ever think? Why only Islam has forbidden the Interest or Ribbah for mankind?

Logic /Appropriate:-

There must be a theoretical approach behind the promotion of prohibiting the interest (Ribbah)


It is observed that increases rate of interest really harmful for business sectors, economy morality, society and hit human beings most importantly, like slow poisoning.

Countries that already have poverty jumped into more negative impact as hunted by interest rates when it goes up.

Local currency value intends to more badly than earlier and being de-valued.

The inflation rate reaches sky high. On the other hand, we say; it’s a silent killer of any Nation or Country.

The basic Necessity of life (Bread, Cloth & Residence) goes out of reach like a dream of a mad person. Make cause of;

The rate of criminal activity goes up. Corruption & bribes treated as a housewife in the society.

Resulted; Not only the signal nation being collapsed; it collapsed several generations.

We can survive with less money


Can’t survive with a loan, longer!

Country treated as a slave by the loan provider institute.

The country can’t make policy in the best interest of their nation, it’s simple as;

Might is right


The power comes from the Barrel of the gun.

Let’s go! Take a look at another side of the mirror- interest‐free financial institutions

Interest — free financial systems have been the most successful system in the shape of doing trade, businesses with financial stability, foreign exchange, investment if we compare to the economy based on an Interest-based finance system.

According to Ernst & Young, total Islamic finance assets of commercial banks rose 17% between 2009 and 2013, hitting $778 billion. Of that, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries account for around $517 billion, ASEAN countries for $160 billion, and South Asia for $23 billion; with the rest of the world (especially Turkey) making up the remaining $78 billion.

Conclusion /Out Come –Non-Interest Based Financial System

The substance with the organic ingredients does participate a great role with balance financial systems in the best favor of build –up a super economy system.

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