My Empty Hands — A Great Lesson For The Generation Next

My Empty Hands

The one whose hands are always empty but have a heart huge like a river. “My Empty hands” is a genuine story. There is no exaggeration if we say that, a story of a common man in society.


The Game Of Life & Resurrects. Story Of 7 Sleepers, Proven Of Slumbering Till 309 Years In A Cave & Woken Up.Praise Of Lord/Allah

The Game Of Life, Death And Resurrects and concept of hibernation, already mention in Holy Quran . A story of 7 sleepers — A unique reseach based story analysing science with the Holy Quran.

The Life

Life is the name of desire, love, feeling, and emotions.

Life is the name…

Dilapidation Of Family Values- Start The Character Building Of Children Today, To Develop A Civilized Society For Tomorrow.

Fallen of family value ruin all

In front of me regarding dilapidation of family values mean parents must be supported to build up their children give respect to them, ownself, and all others. …

Me @ My Mother, A unique selfless relation. Secured at its peak same like the relation of Oyster with the pearl. Without having any fear of loss.

Me @ My Mother same like a relation of pearl with Oyster

Wherever Pearl is, it’s identified by the Oyster, the same relation as between a mother with her child.

Every Oyster doesn't bless by…

The Sanctity Of Marriage Life. A Relationship That Was Formed In The Heavens Before The Earth

Sanctity Of Marriage, it's full of life & Cheerful

“If someone wants to live in an endless world with happiness, where each desire comes true as early as, the thought came into mind, nowhere accept Paradise. Its majesty of Almighty God wants to…

Faran Siddiqui

Inspiration Of Words, Making Souls Purify. True Words Always Take Place In The heart, Where Almighty God Lives As Eternity

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